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Uprkos svim očekivanjima (Against all odds, 2007)

Price o ljudima koji su preživeli udese, padali sa velikih visina i ostajali živi posle udara groma. Otkrijte šta se dešava kada se dogodi nezamislivo i saznajte šta je sve ljudsko telo sposobno da izdrži. 

2007, Engleska, Education/Science 

Tajne govora tijela (Secrets of Body Language, 2008)

Na govor tijela otpada 93 % ljudske komunikacije. Od Frenklina Ruzvelta do britanskog premijera Vinstona Čerčila, Baraka Obame, pogledajmo kako političari i druge poznate ličnosti koriste govor tijela kako bi uvećali moć, tj. popularnost.

The Human Face

The Human Face is a 4 part BBC series that examines the science behind facial beauty, expression, and fame in an entertaining fashion. John Cleese, actor, comedian, visiting professor, and best-selling author on psychology, sets out on an odyssey to discover the mysteries of identity, perception, creativity and sexuality hidden behind the mask of life itself. This four-part series combines art, technology and deeply moving human interest stories to uncover the secrets of the human face.Here’s Looking at You. The series opens with an epic journey to uncover the secrets of the human face. In a world of six billion other faces, your face is unique. It reveals your personality, your genetic and cultural identity and it can be read like a book. Family resemblances, facial recognition and the purpose of the face and its features are all part of a story that begins in the oceans five hundred million years ago.

The Body Machine

The Body Machine is a landmark special on the human body that shows us just how much, how many, how large, how strong, how fast – just how amazing the body really is.Utilizing impressive large-scale real-life stunts, CGI and strong character stories, the show makes the staggering scale of the inner workings of the body tangible.It will show you how far our blood travels in just one day – an astounding 19, 000 km – from Quebec City to Buenos Aires and back.You will see all the cranial fluid you produce in your lifetime laid out in front of you – all 26,280 pint glasses worth. And in just one day you will take 23,000 breaths – enough air to fill 7,714 helium balloons. You will see all this and much more.Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 1 hour, 20 minutes)

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